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Why Smelling Your Food Before Eating It Is So Beneficial.

Smelling your food

The Surprising Science Behind Our Sense of Smell – 5 reasons to smell your food before eating it!

Smelling your food before eating it is so beneficial. You’ve probably heard the saying “You should smell your food before you eat it.” But do you know why this is sage advice? Turns out, our sense of smell is closely linked with our sense of taste. In fact, many scientists believe that smell is actually more important than taste when it comes to determining the flavour of food. So next time you’re about to take a bite of something, stop and take a good whiff! You may be surprised at how much difference it makes in the overall flavour

Smelling food before eating it makes you feel happier and more satisfied.

Interestingly, our sense of smell also plays a role in how much we enjoy our food. When we take a big whiff of something delicious, it triggers the release of dopamine in the brain – which is one of the “feel good” chemicals. So not only can smelling your food make it taste better, but it can also make you feel happier and more satisfied. Who knew that such a simple act could have so many benefits?

Smelling food before eating it reduces overeating.

Smelling your food before you eat it can help you to avoid overeating. If you take a moment to really savour the aromas coming from your plate, you’re likely to find that you’re satisfied with less food overall.

3. Smelling food before you eat it improves digestion

Eating mindfully and savouring the flavours of your food can help to improve your digestion. When we’re rushed and stressed, our digestive system doesn’t work as efficiently. But when we take the time to sit down and enjoy our meals, it helps to stimulate proper digestion.

4. Smelling food before you eat it brings more feelings of gratitude.

Smelling your food before you eat it is simply a great way to appreciate all the hard work that went into making it! Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked meal or something from a restaurant, taking a moment to smell your food can help you to appreciate all the effort that went into creating it.

5. Smelling food before you eat it helps to avoid food poisoning.

And last, but not least! Smelling our food can keep us safe from food poisoning. When we take the time to smell our food, we’re more likely to catch any unpleasant aromas that might indicate that something has gone bad.

So there you have it – the next time you sit down to a meal, don’t forget to take a good sniff before diving in! Your taste buds, your brain and your body will thank you for it.

As you can see smelling our food is a really important part of the eating process and a lot healthier than just driving in! So don’t forget to also encourage your children, or the children you work with to smell their food too! You might like to guide them through a mindful eating session, or simply suggest they take 3 nice big slow sniffs before eating. 🙂

Kind regards

Elizabeth Mulhane

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