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KOTUS Rising Ltd Pty delivers accredited online training in mindfulness and meditation; and mindfulness and movement.

Level 1 Certified Mindfulness For Children Practitioner (teach children) minimum 8 weeks; 

Level 2 Certified Mindfulness Teacher (teach adults) minimum additional 10 months; 

Level 3 Diploma Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher (teach advanced forms of meditation) minimum additional 12 months.

Accredited Lesson & Program Building Course

 Accredited Level 1 Flow Form Practitioner (teaching 0 to 6 years) self-paced.

 8 week online adult training course, with a family orientation.



All of our teacher training courses have been independently assessed and accredited through IMMA 
(The International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance). We are listed on their website under Accredited Schools

The KOTUS Method

Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate

Teaching through the KOTUS Method

Our courses include bonus programs for teaching within the various age groups.


The KOTUS Method involves giving the teacher, or parent a deep understanding of the four foundations of mindfulness, and various meditation styles. Additionally, this teaching method embraces belonging, being and becoming, by embracing the oneness of the world around us. Through the course students are introduced to various schools of thought and scientific research, in order to bring more awareness to the self, the group and the world, in ways that promote flourishing.

The KOTUS Method philosophy maintains that to improve the wellbeing of our children we must first ensure the teacher (or parent) is well educated, inspired and developed, not only for teaching the subject but in a way that promotes mindfulness, meditation, self-care and flourishing within themselves. And it is from this ability of belonging, being and becoming that the teacher (or parent) gains true personal insight to live and teach from 

Our Level 1 courses are designed to give our Practitioners the foundations they need to build a strong personal practice and the confidence and practical skills to teach children, within the various age groups. Both our Level 1 courses (Mindfulness For Children Practitioner & Flow Form Practitioner – Level 1) can be self paced. Both courses can be completed independently of each other. However, it is highly recommended that students apply themselves to both course, since they are designed to strongly complement each other to continue building confidence and expertise for teaching mindfulness, meditation and movement to children. Both groups also include private Facebook Teacher groups to offer community and ongoing support to our Practitioners.

Upon the completion of the 8 week Level 1 Cert. Mindfulness For Children Practitioner Training (0 to 18), teachers will be eligible to begin our Level 2 Cert. Mindfulness Teacher (for teaching adults), which involves an additional 10 months of training. Teachers will then be eligible for our Diploma Training Course, which involves another 12 months of training to understand and experience advanced forms of meditation. 

We are excited about the creation of Flow Form –  we know it’s new, it’s innovative and its going to change the way we think about childcare!

Movement and the KOTUS Method

Flow Form takes the student through a series of understanding form; patterns and pathways. The teacher learns to teach through working with the body and exploring its capabilities. 

Through the course you will learn to express and teach form through several modalities of movement, including Yoga, Tai Chi Qigong, & Dance. These 3 forms can be expressed or translated into the simplicity of stretching with breath (Yoga), gathering energy (Tai Chi Qigong), and self-expressive movement (Dance). Together they create Flow Form. Additionally, Flow Form incorporates Laban movement through Braindance for the children and experiential movement sessions for the teacher, via our private teachers community. 

As we teach through the various modalities we are showing the mind mental pathways and patterns to operate within. The mind explores these modalities (or ways to move) and begins to synchronise, or entrain with these physical patterns and pathways. Which the mind can then conceptualise and synchronise into ways of promoting higher order thinking skills.

The teacher learns to develop lessons as stand alone sessions, within each modality. Additionally, teachers will learn to create educational StoryTime and BrainDance frameworks aimed at promoting social and emotional intelligence. StoryTime lesson plans enable creative role playing opportunities for the children to experience ‘being, belonging, and becoming’ through different characters. For example, Tom goes to the moon and discovers his own ability to enjoy peacefully being alone, while also learning all about the moon.

More about Flow Form…

Flow Form was officially launched on the 20th of September, 2021, through The Wellness Moonshot – Full Moon celebration. 

Hosted by the Global Wellness Institute. 


The Wellness MoonshotFull Moon Celebration Monday, September 20 by kotus rising
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Open For Registration

This course is designed to enrich the childcare experience for both the educators and the children. The certification obtained from completing this qualification allows practitioners to teach Flow Form to children aged 6 years and under. This course is delivered online and includes quizzes and assessments aimed at personal self-development, through learning both theoretical and practical applications of Flow Form, within each of it’s movement modalities (Yoga, Tai Chi QiGong, and Dance). Throughout the course you will develop your own practice and lesson building skills. You will also have support and community through our private Facebook group. The course can be self-paced through an accumulation of 60 hours of training, consisting of your theoretical and practical work and assessment components. 

Our first offical start date – 11th of November, 2021. You can register today!

You can register today to begin your journey to become an accredited 

Flow Form Practitioner – Level 1 

Accreditation is awarded through Mindfulness For Children and KOTUS Rising PTY LTD, 
in association with The International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance.


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Founder and Program Designer 


Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane


My formal journey with meditation began over thirty-five years ago as a teenager, joining a local yoga group. By the time I become a mother my personal practice became a source of encouragement and helped me better understand myself as a parent and individual. Like all parents, I wanted to prepare my kids the best I could for their future. Now a mother of four adult children, one teenager and a grandmother of two, I’ve discovered that mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools to share with anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.

I am dedicated to supporting individuals, parents, teachers and caregiver in developing a sense of flourishing within themselves and their children. My credentials for teaching mindfulness, meditation and ways of improving wellbeing include:

Elizabeth-Anne Mulhane

Over 35 years of meditation and fasting experience (including a 40 day/night fast) and various forms of movement, including yoga, Tai Chi, dance and 12 months of full time training in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu. 

A B.PsycSci(Hons) (2A) – 2 part thesis on improving wellbeing through mindfulness and sound;

Post grad mindfulness teacher training through the Wollongong Nan Tien Institute of Higher Education & Emory University, (SEE Learning).

Four years as a volunteer Certified Cub Scout Leader with Scouts Australia (2015-2018). Including cert in basic outdoor skills. My name was Chil (the Kite, from the Jungle Book), decided by group vote from the children. My volunteer efforts also included 12 months with Sutherland Climate Action Network (SCAN), promoting sustainable living (2011). 

Designing, implementing and teaching chess club, science club, and an arts and craft group at Sydney Montessori. 

Certified Yoga teacher (200 hrs); Certified children’s Yoga teacher; Certified Brain Games practitioner; Level 1 Certification in Teaching with Music; Certified in teaching toddler and preschool dance; Certificate in Fine art. Certified Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Instructor, under Master Wing Cheung; and currently studying post grad studies in: Advanced clinical training in somatics and dance-movement therapy through Tensegrity Training. 

Designed and implemented amazing, affordable and transformative online mindfulness and meditation courses for adults and teacher training, and developed mindfulness based programs for children, within all age groups.

Designed and implemented my own form: Flow Form. Level 1 for childcare educators. Flow Form is a mindfulness based wellbeing program, designed to teach various forms of movement, including yoga, dance, and tai chi qigong, through StoryTime and BrainDance. 

Some more past interviews and events...

Elizabeth Mulhane Interview by Atul Tyagi from Wow Kids
Elizabeth Mulhane interviewed by Helen Maffini
Participants of world children's day
Elizabeth Mulhane of Kotus Rising Eminent Speaker

Course Review

‘I’m so grateful to have just completed the 8 week children’s mindfulness course with Elizabeth. I highly recommend the professional online course that’s so user friendly to work at your own pace. The course is enjoyable and informative not only focusing on mindfulness for children but also to put into practise for ourselves as adults while going through the program and life.

I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and work with children and adults, it’s a good reminder to stop and look at life through the eyes of a child. I feel it’s more the adult who needs to be reminded of the skills, the children are usually the mindful ones. I also have 2 young grandchildren so I’m now enjoying looking at them with a new awareness from going through the program.

I also like how we have all the course information still available to us in our file on the website beyond the program I can imagine myself going through the program again in the future. I highly recommend the 8 week mindfulness program to anyone involved with children in any way.

Thank you’

Sheila Henley

‘I just would like to say how amazing the Facebook group is thank you Elizabeth Mulhane! For anyone that is considering doing the childcare mindfulness course, just do it! I have loved every minute of it and I have learnt so much not just about how to support children through mindfulness, but also about myself……thank you Elizabeth’

– Cath Howard

‘I would highly recommended this mindfulness course. Word of mouth is very important nowadays as more and more mindfulness courses appear on the market. This course was recommended by another colleague-who really raved about it.

I had already done a previous mindfulness practitioner course and I have been teaching mindfulness to children for a while. I did wonder how much new information I would obtain from doing another course.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I did learn from the 8 week online course. Not only did I learn more things about the teaching of mindfulness to children but I also learnt a lot about my own mindfulness practice.

The great thing about the course is that you can clearly see Elizabeth’s passion for mindfulness and children’s mental wellbeing. Additionally, you see the depth of Elizabeth’s experience and her knowledge.

Also, Elizabeth will go that extra mile for you through the mentor sessions and FB course page. She gave me extra support in my niche areas of mindfulness and trauma and mindfulness with teens, which was above and beyond the course content.

This course is really worth the investment and is delivered in an online friendly version, which keeps it interesting. A mixture of videos over 30 ones recorded by Elizabeth, a workbook and access to a 10 week mindfulness programme and many other useful materials. Including articles, activities, practical assignments, quizzes and meditations created by Elizabeth.

As a teacher trainer/ mentor I actually think that every primary and EYFS teacher should be doing this course as part of their basic teacher training – and hopefully one day that will be the case.

Imagine what that would mean in regards to the positive impact on children’s mental healthiness and the world. Now more than ever we should be prioritising children’s mental wellness.’

Michelle Arscott
The International Kids Life coach 2020 Stevie Gold Coach of the Year – Mental Wellness


‘Thank you so much Elizabeth – For your support, for your time, and your kindness in sharing knowledge. This course has been so much more then I could have imagined. It has been a incredible journey, of self discovery.

Elizabeth delivers the information in such a way, I felt shifts happening within myself. I felt that I was slowing down in my very busy daily routine. I feel more present and have become aware of myself, our environment and all around me, on a different level. This course has help in my personal life, I am a mum of four and work full time as an educator, you have taught me valuable lessons on navigating through life. Here I was signing up to do this for my workplace, when it is so much more. I have implement everything you teach us, in the class, coming from a mindful approach. We learn how to read ourselves, the environment and children and how to make the changes we need. Thank you.

I believe our children will be the change, this world needs, and this course is what helps us adults, to arm the children with tools to become the kind compassionate, flourishing adults and to bring back the peace and love and harmony we so need.

Elizabeth hand on heart, the best course I have done.’

Sammy Clark
Assistant Director

Our Signature Course is an amazing educational experience for personal insight and self-growth. The course is delivered as an accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner Training Course, or through our Adult Training Course.

No prerequisite. Self-pace. Suitable for childcare teachers, school teachers, and mental health professionals, etc. Please read the amazing reviews.

Our signature course is amazing! Deep drive into the world of mindfulness and meditation with this mind blowing journey – as you discover ways of knowing, belonging, being and becoming.

This is a research-based course that will provide: International accreditation through the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance (IMMA), and…

Module 1. Mindfulness and Wellbeing
Module 2. Implementing Mindfulness into your Centre, or school
Module 3. Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Movement
Module 4. The Mind and the Self
Module 5. Self-Inquiry and Compassion
Module 6. The Mind’s Eye
Module 7. Mindfulness, Sound and Sacred Geometry
Module 8. Consciousness

A 60 page downloadable workbook.

Personalised feedback on 6 assignments (that are not difficult to complete).

Bonus – 10 week mindfulness based creative play program for children. (ages 3 to 6 years). Additionally, this program integrates with a 10 week wellbeing program designed for parents to use in the home.

Bonus – Mindful eating program (ages 7 to adult)

Bonus – Oneness program (ages 12 to 18 years)

Bonus – Ongoing lifetime support via our private Facebook group (priceless). Network with a growing number of like-minded people from around the globe. Bonus – Monthly zoom meetings for Q & A and bonus content, e.g., brain games (for all ages); music and the brain; gathering energy through form.

The Kotus Method with Elizabeth Mulhane