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Find an internationally accredited Practitioner in your area, or online. Mindfulness For Children in association with KOTUS Rising is committed to regulating the mindfulness and meditation industry. To maintain your quality assurance, we only list members that have trained within the KOTUS Method and belong to the KOTUS Method Association. This means you will be working with someone that is committed to continued self-development opportunities and has a growing number of programs and resources to work with.




Elizabeth Mulhane
Services: Courses for teachers and parents; workshops; private coaching.
Contact: 0401065493
YouTube: Mindfulness For Children
Relevant qualifications: Over 35 yrs exp with mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement. B.Psych Sci (Hons), Sec Class, Div A. Thesis: improving wellbeing with mindfulness & sound. 200 hr Yoga teacher Training. Cert kids yoga; preschool dance; brain games; teaching with music; fine art. Post Graduate Cert mindfulness (Nan Tien Institute); Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor; & currently completing clinical training for a Post Graduate Diploma in advanced clinical somatic and dance-movement therapy. Ask about receiving 4 weeks of  free somatic and dance movement counselling. 

Katie Briance

Contact: 0405 585240
Insight Timer:

Services: Providing a range of fun and engaging wellbeing programs in yoga and mindfulness. Delivering workshops and meditations for children of all ages. Katie delivers her programs and workshops to Childcares; Schools and After School Care Centres (includes vacation care programs) across Sydney, and via her studio in Maroubra.

Online mindfulness meditation programs are also available: Shoot For The Moon  Ideal for homeschooling children aged 7 to 12 years. Subjects covered include English, Math, Science, Physical Education and Creative Arts. 

Qualifications: Internationally accredited Mindfulness For Children Teacher; Certified Program Building Specialist (private tutoring under Elizabeth Mulhane). Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher. Certificate in Zenergy Leadership Programme (assistant teacher trainer for childrens yoga).

Flow Form Instructor Mindfulness For Children Practitioner find a teacher

Julie Rose

Ph: 0468 992 817

Services: Online or via location – Providing mindfulness programs to children of all ages. Julie is available to visit childcares and schools in the Shoalhaven area. She also specialises in delivering Flow Form to children 6 years and under.  Flow Form is a mindfulness based therapeutic modality designed to enhance flourishing. Sessions combine a delivery of yoga, tai chi qigong and somatic dance and movement. Role playing StoryTime adventures are also included for young children. The aim of Flow form is to teach the body new ways to move that will unconsciously entrain with the mind to create new ways to move through life. Ask Julie about her 10 week program designed for 3 to 6 year olds.

Qualifications: Internationally Accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner and Intl. Certified Flow Form Instructor (Level 1).

Sheila Henley

Ph: 0428759300
Services: Online, or via location for one on one or small group sessions. Working with all ages. Shelia can help your child manage stress and anxiety, while promoting resilience and self-confidence for their well-being and success. Shelia also using a unique blend of mindfulness, hypnotherapy and emotional freedom techniques for adults needing help with addiction, menopause and relationships resolution.
Qualifications: Clinical Hypnotherapist; EFT practitioner; Mindfulness For Children Teacher

Vicki Schaefer

Website – 

Instagram  @_littlewiseone

Services: Vicki offers creativity and connection workshops for children – weaving the magic of story through movement, mindfulness and nature inspired art. Vicki also offers beautifully illustrated affirmation cards for children, which are perfect for the home, childcare or school environment. These cards can be purchased through her website: Little Wise One.
Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator with 25yrs experience.
Accredited Mindfulness For Children Coach
Children’s Yoga teacher

Marsden Park

Rashmi Uppinakudru                                           

Contact: 0405736482 
Services: Mindfulness programs for children that includes, yoga, memory and attention enhancing, working with emotions, journal writing, & mandala art.
Qualifications: Internationally accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner, Diploma in Yoga training, CTAA approved Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy practitioner, Bachelor of Engineering, Certified early childhood educator.


Cynthia Hoffman 


Services: Online and in person mindfulness based wellbeing programs for children that focus on flourishing. Available for face to face delivery of mindfulness based programs for children in childcare centres. One on one mindfulness based intervention for children, focused on improving social and emotional intelligence.
Qualifications: Certified Childcare Educator, Internationally accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner.

Amanda Wood

0407 042 795

Services: Online. Mindfulness for children and holistic crystal healing for all ages. Working with The Liquid Crystals, Crystalline energy remedies made from earths metals, minerals, and crystals, astrological influences, nature and the animal kingdom. Amanda is passionate about helping people find their inner gifts and experienced in working with youth and addiction. She is also experienced in improving wellbeing for those that have suffered emotional and physical abuse and also offers her services as an Independent Support Worker in SE Qld. Embracing the gifts within, so you can walk your path, Singing your Song

Qualifications: Internationally Accredited Mindfulness for Children Practitioner, Advanced The Liquid Crystal and Starchild Directive Practitioner, The Liquid Tree Practitioner and Diploma in Aromatherapy (HH Dip (Arom).)

Currently studying: Natural Earth Institute


Karen Power

Creative Mindfulness for Children and Teens.
Contact details: Karen Power
086 3916 728

Services: Online or in person programs for children aged 4 years to 12 years. Programs for teenagers. Offering small groups or one to one to provide your child with the tools to enrich their wellbeing. Yoga for adults and children. Mindfulness based workshops for parents, childcare, workplace, and elderly care. 

Qualifications: Diploma in childcare, Accredited Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner, Internationally Accredited Mindfulness Children Practitioner, MBSR-T Stressed Teens Provider, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Facilitator, and 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Currently studying: KOTUS Rising Mindfulness Teacher certification program and Flow Form (Level 1).



Contact Details Patricia Maki   or

Facebook Page: PMEnergy

Services: Focused on mindful movement and sound therapy. Offering mindfulness based programs to children. Includes music, movement and attention focused activities. Access Consciousness and Bars Sessions & Qi gong and Taichi Techniques for Adults and Kids.

Qualifications: Over 25 years of experience in various forms of movement and meditation, Elementary School Teacher (BA, BEd., TESOL certified), Reiki Master (trained in Japan under Grand Master), Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. International accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner.
Current learning: Student of Flow Form (Level 1).

South Africa

Contact details: Michelle Arscott

(20) The International Kids Life Coach | Facebook

Services: Life coaching for individuals or small groups, either in person, or online. Working globally. Mindfulness programs for children of all ages, mindful eating and wellbeing program for teenagers, and specialised one on one mindfulness based programs with trauma informed education.

Publishing: Jake’s Joyful Bubbles (ranking top 30 for mindfulness books in Amazon).

Qualifications: Primary School teacher, International Life Coach, International Kids Life Coach, Michelle is also the 2020 Stevie Gold Winner – Life Coach in Wellness and Health. Internationally accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner.