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Mindfulness teacher training should always involve a comprehensive program that trains individuals to become certified mindfulness teachers capable of teaching a wide variety of mindfulness-based interventions. 

The accreditation on the certificate you received should also be provided through a third-party affiliate. For example, the International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance (IMMA) is an organization that offers accreditation after they have evaluated the course content.

By also ensuring that the Mindfulness Teacher Training you choose has been accredited through a third-party affiliate you are ensuring that the course content has been check for quality assurance and you will also be able to get insurance as a Mindfulness Teacher.

The Mindfulness Teacher Training should be comprehensive.

The Mindfulness Teacher Training program should also be comprehensive. As a Mindfulness Teacher you will want to have an understanding of the difference between secular and non-secular mindfulness and be able to teach through both lenses). 

You will also want to have a deep understanding of the four foundations of mindfulness established through the ancient Buddhist philosophy. Additionally, you will want a course that will help you grow and established your own practice and that also offers a deep understanding of the science of oneness.

When looking for Mindfulness Teacher Training you should think about what population you are planning to teach. Some people only want to teach children

Others only want to teach a particular adult population, for example, parents; or teachers; within the workplace; people that have experienced trauma; or the elderly. Some people are looking for a course that includes all these populations. 

Moreover, some people want to also include other advanced forms of meditation, such as kundalini rising, or astral projection. By knowing what you want you will also know what questions to ask when looking for the perfect fit for you.

Before you register for a course make sure the course content has everything you are looking for. It’s always going to be a better student/teacher experience if you stay with the same teacher, or organization, rather than have to change from school to school due to a lack of content, or knowledge being offered. 

You may want to ask questions, for example, what kind of support to they offer through the course? Is there any ongoing support offered after course completion? What do the reviews from previous students say about the course? What is the duration of the course?

Due to today’s fast paced, time pressured society, people are often looking for a quick fix or fast solution to their problem, or current dilemma. People want to get from A to Z in the fastest way possible and there is no shortage of people offering us what we think we need. 

This is even the case for Mindfulness Teacher Training, with more and more schools offering 2-day certification courses.

A 2-day certification course as a Mindfulness Teacher may be ok if you are just wanting to add a few mindfulness of breath moments to your classroom, but that’s about all! Because anyone serious about wanting to become a Mindfulness Teacher also needs to grow a personal mindfulness practice and also gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. 

Neither of which can be accomplished over a weekend. Although, if you’re willing to pay you will find someone that’s happy to take your money, try to cram 2 days of content into your head and send you on your way with a piece of paper so you can call yourself a Mindfulness Teacher!

Mindfulness Teacher Training should include personal practice.

Teaching any subject requires a degree of confidence, which is born through personal effort, study and practice. Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher is not something you can do within a weekend! Teaching comes from insight and insight comes from time in personal practice, in combination with the subject knowledge. 

As a mindfulness teacher we use knowledge and meditation for contemplation and personal discovery. This is particularly important if you are planning to teach adults, find make sure you find a mindfulness teacher training program that wants you to log a lot of personal hours. Because this is where the insight develops!

Mindfulness teacher training should also include instruction in evidence-based theories, principles, and practices associated with the growing field of mindfulness-based interventions. 

This includes teaching on topics such as: the science of oneness; the research behind mindfulness and wellbeing; the relationship between neuroscience and mindfulness; practical skills related to teaching mindfulness such as leading guided meditations, creating learning activities and providing effective feedback; as well as developing personal resilience and self-care skills. 

Through this comprehensive approach to understanding mindful awareness both personally and professionally, teacher trainees gain confidence to develop their own unique style of teaching while staying rooted in the fundamentals of embodied mindful awareness.

Our Mindfulness Teacher Training Programs offer everything you need to succeed.

Our mindfulness Teacher training programs are designed to accommodate a board range of students. We have the option of completing the courses one level at a time. Our courses are designed to ensure our students succeed and we also offer ongoing support after certification.

All courses provide additional bonus programs for you to run with students. Level 2 includes a workshop manual with handouts. You will need to log your mindfulness and meditation hours in level 2 & 3 courses. Level 3 training is for people wanting to teach advanced meditations such as chakra, kundalini rising, astral projection.

Please browse each course to find out more.

Level 1: Mindfulness For Children Practitioner Two months of training, or self-pace extension.

Level 1 & 2: Mindfulness Teacher Advanced Certification Twelve months of training.

Level 1, 2 & 3: Diploma in Mindfulness And Meditation Twenty-four months of training.

All courses have been designed by Elizabeth Mulhane. Here’s a short bio: Over 35 yrs exp with mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement (including a 40 day/night fast); B.Psych Sci (Hons), Sec Class, Div A. Thesis: improving wellbeing with mindfulness & sound; 200 hr Yoga teacher Training; Cert in kids yoga; Cert in preschool dance; Cert in brain games; Cert in teaching with music; Cert in fine art. Post Graduate Cert in mindfulness; Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor; & currently completing clinical hours for Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Somatic and Dance-movement therapy. Creator of Flow Form. Elizabeth has also been a guest speaker for WOW Kids; MindBe Mindfulness Summit; Play For peace Summit; Global Wellness Institue; and more.

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