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Internationally Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Certification

Mindfulness Teacher Advanced Certification- a 12 month journey for succeed.

Personalised feedback on assignments, monthly group zoom meetings, and 4 x 1 hr sessions of private tutoring.
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Your New Career as an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher Awaits!

KOTUS Rising is an internationally recognised online school, teaching Mindfulness, Meditation & Movement. All of our teacher training courses are accredited by the Internationally Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance.  Register to become a mindfulness teacher today!

The KOTUS Method And Your Journey

It All Begins with Level 1…

Our Level 1 signature course is amazing! It provides a deep drive into the world of mindfulness and meditation with this mind blowing journey – as you discover ways of knowing, being, belonging and becoming. This is a research-based course that will provide 8 weekly learning modules in the following areas:

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Implementing Mindfulness into schools and centres

Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Movement

Mind & Self

Self Inquiry & Compassion

The mind's eye

Mindfulness, sound & sacred geometry


After completing Level 1 you will be awarded your first accreditation as a:

Certified Mindfulness For Children Practitioner. 

This means you can begin earning money as you continue your training to earn your Mindfulness Teacher Certification

You will also receive 4 bonus programs for teaching toddlers to teenagers.

You also recieve ongoing support via our private group. Here you will also be able to access additional bonus content. For example, teaching through music; brain games; workshops for kids from divorce; and much more!

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The KOTUS Method And Your Journey

You will then begin your Level 2 Training

Level 2 is designed to give you everything you need, and certify you as an internationally accredited Mindfulness teacher.  With this IMMA recognized advanced certification you can gain insurance and grow your career teaching all ages.

Self-Care and Empowerment

Somatic dance and movement
for you

History, Philosophy

& Ethics

Teaching Tips

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness For The Elderly

Mindfulness For Teachers

Mindfulness For Parents

Women's circles

Lesson & Program Building

Perception, techniques and theories

Business Basics, finding your niche
and so much more...

After completing Level 2 you will be awarded your advanced accreditation as a:

Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

Your certificate will state that you have been awarded an advanced certificate after completing 12 months of training

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How it Works

Level 1 is a 2 month course

Level 2 is a 10 month course

That is 12 months of training to ensure you have a high degree of knowledge and confidence, providing you with everything you need for success. 

You will also have 2 internationally recognized qualifications:
 – Accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner
 – Accredited Mindfulness Teacher

Payment options (12 months of training)

Includes 2 certificates: Certificate as a Mindfulness For Children Practitioner and Advanced certification as a Mindfulness Teacher. 

You will also have lifetime access to your course materials and your support group! 


1 Payment

$4950.00 AUD

if paid in full

converts to approx $3355 USD

11 monthly instalments

$500.00 AUD

$5500.00 AUD total

converts to approx $340 USD

Here's some reviews from students and people that attended the 3 hr workshop that you will receive within this course:

Our Mindfulness Teacher Certification program is designed for success!

 We also have a ‘Find A Teacher’ Page to share you with the world (on both of our websites)! 
And over 30,000 members and followers on our social media platforms that we will share you with, just to help you get started! 
And within our private communities, we will continue to motivate and inspire you!

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* Samples of Waiver of Liability, Equality and Privacy Policies ($250)
* Ongoing Support via our private teachers community (Priceless)

The KOTUS Method is a journey into the science of oneness

The KOTUS Method was created by Elizabeth Mulhane in order to introduce strategies that focus on creating states of flourishing. 

The principles of the KOTUS Method include: 

  • The KOTUS Method Compass Points – Through various exercises students embody the internal guides (thought, emotion, intuition) to confidently trust decision making. 
  • To increase compassion for others embrace the ethics of the golden rule – to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Develop moral living in acceptance of each other’s diversity and perspective of reality. 
  • Establish and maintain growth within a personal practice of mindfulness and various forms of meditation. 
  • Embrace being, belonging and becoming – across the lifespan. 
  • Learn the four foundations of mindfulness in secular and non-secular forms – through both theoretical and practical application and contemplation.
  • Integrate the KOTUS Method 10 well-being focus points to help guide wellness programs. 
  • Connect with and cultivate the mind’s eye to improve wellbeing at the subconscious level. 
  • Embrace the oneness through a scientific understanding of mathematical principles, vibrations and frequencies. 
  • Bring awareness to belonging to the collective consciousness in a way that cultivates the wholesome desire of world peace and becoming one human race.