Online Training In Mindfulness, Meditation And Flow Form

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Mindfulness Teacher Course Reviews

Become a Mindfulness Teacher

The perfect courses for anyone wanting to begin a new career in wellness. Also ideal for therapists; yoga teachers and school teachers teaching a wide range of age groups. 

Mindfulness For Children Practitioner Level 1- teaching children and teens

Mindfulness Teacher Advanced Certification Level 1 & 2 - teaching all ages

Diploma in Mindfulness And Meditation Level 1, 2 & 3 - advanced meditation styles

Flow Form Instructor Training - Teach Therapeutic Movement

Flow Form
Level 1

Flow Form
Level 2

Flow Form
Level 3

What is Flow Form?

Flow Form is a new style of somatic movement that is based on Laban and Bartenieff fundamentals. This form also incorporates yoga and tai chi qigong. Taking whole body connectivity to the next level towards improving wellbeing through mind and movement. Flow Form focuses on teaching the whole person, connecting mind and body. 

Flow Form also focuses on the KOTUS Method compass points. Combining movement with our internal compass points (the logic of the mind; the emotions within the heart; the intuition within the gut). Through Flow Form movement patterns, we can guide clients to learn to find their internal alignment for moving through life with confidence. 

Mindfulness Teacher Training For Childcare teachers and Assistants

Teach Mindfulness in Childcare $97 (unassisted)

childcare mindfulness for children

Teach Mindfulness in Childcare $297 (teacher feedback on assignments)

childcare mindfulness for children

Internationally Accredited

What is IMMA certification?

The International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance (IMMA) is a trusted internationally recognised body, based in Australia, that is working to regulate the mindfulness industry. IMMA are the third party affiliates that we use to certify our teacher training programs. This means that our programs have been assessed for quality assurance by a member of the IMMA organisation.

Having a course accredited through a third party, such as IMMA gives our students quality assurance that they are paying for a teacher training program that has been approved by an independent authority. Additionally, our teacher training certification programs all carry the IMMA logo on the certificate. Official third party certification through IMMA also ensures that our students can take out insurance cover as mindfulness teachers.

Our Flow Form Level 1 is also an IMMA accredited course.

IMMA is our preferred accreditation provider. You can find us listed under accredited schools on their website.

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You Don't Have to Be a Teacher

We train people who are not required to be certified teachers but still want the skills and knowledge to maintain or improve their own wellbeing and introduce mindfulness and wellbeing strategies into their family.

Register today for our Mindfulness Course For Adults (family orientated with a bonus program).

What is the KOTUS Method?

The KOTUS Method was created by Elizabeth Mulhane in order to introduce strategies that focus on creating states of flourishing. The principles of the KOTUS Method include: 

  • The KOTUS Method Compass Points – Through various exercises students embody the internal guides (thought, emotion, intuition) to confidently trust decision making. 
  • To increase compassion for others embrace the ethics of the golden rule – to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Develop moral living in acceptance of each other’s diversity and perspective of reality. 
  • Establish and maintain growth within a personal practice of mindfulness and various forms of meditation. 
  • Embrace being, belonging and becoming – across the lifespan. 
  • Learn the four foundations of mindfulness in secular and non-secular forms – through both theoretical and practical application and contemplation.
  • Integrate the KOTUS Method 10 well-being focus points to help guide wellness programs. 
  • Connect with and cultivate the mind’s eye to improve wellbeing at the subconscious level. 
  • Embrace the oneness through a scientific understanding of mathematical principles, vibrations and frequencies. 
  • Bring awareness to belonging to the collective consciousness in a way that cultivates the wholesome desire of world peace and becoming one human race.

Meet the course designer and creator of the KOTUS Method and Flow Form

Elizabeth Mulhane B.PsychSci (Hons) is a somatic and dance movement psychotherapists; yoga and meditation teacher; and Tai Chi Qigong Instructor. She is the creator of Flow Form; and The KOTUS Method and has been offering accredited online educational courses for the past decade.

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If you would like to book a somatic and dance movement therapy session with Elizabeth, or discuss session costs, or you have questions related to courses please contact Elizabeth on  


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