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Feel great with a tea drinking meditation – Day 1.

Feel great with a tea drinking meditation – Day 1.

Day 1 – Tea drinking meditation is a perfect opportunity to practice your mind/body connection. In this mindfulness meditation you need to sit with your tea, doing nothing else, other than experiencing ‘the totality of drinking the tea’ for 10 minutes or so (the more you practice the better you will get).

To get yourself into the zone take 3 nice big breaths (releasing and letting go of all tension, worries or thoughts not related to the experience). If you get stuck through the meditation with non-related thoughts – 1. just compassionately smile at yourself and affirm – I’m just taking some time for myself to enjoy my tea drinking meditation. – 2. As soon as you notice you have drifted away in thought, gently return to a focus on your breathing and then allow that attention to flow back into your awareness of your tea drinking meditation (repeat as often as required).

cup of tea

How can tea drinking meditation help?

You are taking this time to experience connecting with doing nothing – other than being aware of just being, just sitting, just drinking tea, just appreciating this moment in its totality. Place your awareness on the tea; your awareness of the experience; and your self-awareness of what you are experiencing within your mind and body.

Feel the warmth of the cup as it rests in your hands. Smell the tea. Taste the tea with each sip. Be aware that you are drinking what the universe has provided for your nourishment – for your happiness – using the dirt from the earth, the water and the sun shine and the herbs that grew for you to taste them. Appreciate all of that. Smile and be happy that the universe has provided this simple pleasure for you.

As you enjoy your tea drinking meditation – allow your mind to feel gratitude (and loving kindness) towards everyone that was involved in bringing that tea to you. Maybe a child made the tea for you? A shopkeeper sold the tea to you; a packer stacked the tea on the shelf at the shop for you. Someone guarded the store that other people built; and a manager runs the store; and a power company provides power to the store so you could happily shop there to buy your tea.

So many people have been involved so you could ‘enjoy’ your tea drinking experience! A delivery person delivered the tea to the store for you; other drivers and warehouse workers were also involved in bringing that tea to you.

There may have also been a lot more people involved in transporting that tea to you if it came from far away? And then there were the people that originally processed and packed that tea for you. And of course, there were people involved in picking that tea for you; and caring for those herbs so they would grow for you; and planting the seeds to grow those herbs for you. All these people and so many more worked for you to enjoy that cup of tea (try to think of some more people that were involved in your tea drinking meditation).

So, when you sit and drink your cup of tea – MINDFULLY ENJOY IT – because the universe and so many people worked together to provide that cup of tea – for your enjoyment. As you sit and enjoy your cup of tea meditation allow your mind to gently flow through your senses (taste, smell and including (if you can) how the tea feels in your stomach; hearing the birds; the wind in the trees; the sun on your face, etc); then allow that flow of attention to be aware of your thoughts of the interdependence involved in making your tea drinking experience possible.

Feel gratitude and compassion for others as you recognise the common humanity within everyone that was involved to bring you this experience. And be aware as you sit, doing nothing other than enjoying your cup of tea meditation, in its totality, that in simply participating in this act you are engaging with a community, possibly on a global level (and that also includes the collective consciousness of our community here). And don’t forget to smile back to the universe; to our mother earth; and to all those souls that participated in making this kind of tea drinking meditation so enjoyable.

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☕️ ??- Elizabeth Mulhane

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