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The depth of knowledge and understanding in this course really does set it apart!

KOTUS Rising is a registered Mindfulness and Meditation School with the Internationally Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance

The KOTUS Method And Your Journey

After completing Level 1 you will be awarded your first accreditation as a certified Mindfulness For Children Practitioner and can begin teaching children.

Level 1 signature course is amazing! Deep drive into the world of mindfulness
and meditation with this mind blowing journey – as you discover ways of
knowing, being, belonging and becoming. And set the foundation for an amazing and life changing journey!


This is a research-based course that will provide 8 weekly learning modules in the following areas:

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Implementing Mindfulness into schools and centres

Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Movement

Mind & Self

Self Inquiry & Compassion

The mind's eye

Mindfulness, sound & sacred geometry


You will also receive ongoing support via our private group and 4 bonus programs to run with the various age groups.

Roadmap with a bee picture
Cultivating Mindfulness
After completing Level 1 you will be awarded your first certification as an

Internationally accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner

You will then begin your Level 2 Training, which includes



History & Philosophy

Teaching Tips

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness For The Elderly

Mindfulness For Teachers

Mindfulness For Parents

Program Building



Business Basics

After completing Level 2 you will be awarded with your advanced certification as an

Internationally Accredited Mindfulness Teacher

You will then begin your Level 3 Training, which includes

Yoga for Self

Tai Chi for Self Care


Lucid Dreaming


Connection with the Collective Unconscious

Higher Self Awareness

Kundalini rising

Perception and connection

Advanced Third Eye Training


Fractual Geometry and Real Magic

After completing Level 3 you will be awarded with your diploma as an

International Accredited Mindfulness And Meditation Teacher

Here's how the 2 years are structured:

Level 1 (2 months) + Level 2 (10 months) + Level 3 (12 months) = 24 months of training to ensure you have everything you need for success. 


And A Diploma As an International Accreditation  

 Mindfulness And Meditation Teacher

Enrol today to receive 3 bonus
private mentor sessions with Elizabeth Mulhane


* Bonus – Work Shop manual and hand-outs to share mindfulness with childcare educators.

* Bonus – program ready for you to share mindfulness within retirement centres.

* Bonus – you will learn business basics and how to set yourself up for success.

* Bonus – program ready for you to run your own women’s circles.

* Bonus – program ready for you to run your own sound bath and chakra wellbeing sessions.

value $2,450

value $2,450

value $1,000

value $2,000

value $2,000

Sample Waiver of Liability 

value $250

Ongoing Support via our private teachers community


Payment plan options – for Diploma (includes level 1, 2 & 3)

1 Payment


$3,895.00 AUD

if paid in full

52 weekly instalments

$157.50 ($8,190.00)

$95.00 AUD

$4,940.00 total

There is no time limit to complete this program.

If you need longer than 2 years you can self-pace. 

You will also have lifetime access to your course materials and private community group support. 


Laure Bouh

“This Mindfulness for Children course is amazing! So much content, and a lot more than mindfulness. Elizabeth is really going above and beyond my expectations, every time. I can tell how passionate she is about spreading the power of mindfulness and kindness. The course teaches us as teachers/parents how to practice mindfulness ourselves, but also how to teach kids.🙂 Her 10-week program is the cherry on the top! It’s ready for us to implement with kids and kids love it! I recommend this course to anyone looking to grow their own practice and grow mindful and kind kids.”

Zoë Casson

“This was a great course and I definitely recommend it. Elizabeth was approachable and available to discuss any questions or to talk through something that I needed clarification on. The course was informative and gave lots of suggestions and ideas for my practice with younger children. Thank you Elizabeth!”

Lynda Goulding

“Really enjoyed this course learning how to take time and just be in the moment which I seriously lacked. Then to learn how to implement some fantastic mindfulness activities with my Kindergarten children has been very rewarding.”

Cath Howard

“Amazing online course! I highly recommend doing it, Elizabeth has literally changed the way I educate and care for myself. I never would have thought a course could help so much with all aspects of my career and personally. The course is user friendly and so informative, I loved the flexibility of doing the course online and I refer back to the course notes consistently as they have so much information and links to refer too. If you have been thinking about doing a course to benefit children and yourself this is the one to do!”

Karen Power

“I have recently completed the 8-week course. I found it covered a wide range of information to implement with children and to deepen my practice. Lots of support and so much knowledge gained.”

Cynthia Hoffman

“I have recently completed the 8 week course. I found it full of information to implement with children and to deepen my practice. Elizabeth is extremely supportive throughout the whole process gently guiding and prompting. Elizabeth’s passion, kindness and caring way is evident throughout the course she has embedded so much valuable content within it. Looking forward to implementing the 10 week program with my children. Absolutely brilliant thank


Lyndsie Storer

“I really enjoyed the Mindfulness for Children Course. Elizabeth is full of knowledge and is very supportive and encouraging. 💕

Sammy Clark

Assistant Director

Thank you so much Elizabeth – For your support, for your time, and your kindness in sharing knowledge. This course has been so much more then I could have imagined. It has been a incredible journey, of self discovery.


Elizabeth delivers the information in such a way, I felt shifts happening within myself. I felt that I was slowing down in my very busy daily routine. I feel more present and have become aware of myself, our environment and all around me, on a different level. This course has help in my personal life, I am a mum of four and work full time as an educator, you have taught me valuable lessons on navigating through life. Here I was signing up to do this for my workplace, when it is so much more. I have implement everything you teach us, in the class, coming from a mindful approach. We learn how to read ourselves, the environment and children and how to make the changes we need. Thank you.


I believe our children will be the change, this world needs, and this course is what helps us adults, to arm the children with tools to become the kind compassionate, flourishing adults and to bring back the peace and love and harmony we so need.



Elizabeth hand on heart, the best course I have done.

Michelle Arscott

The International Kids Life coach 2020 Stevie Gold Coach of the Year – Mental Wellness



I would highly recommended this mindfulness course. Word of mouth is very important nowadays as more and more mindfulness courses appear on the market. This course was recommended by another colleague-who really raved about it.



I had already done a previous mindfulness practitioner course and I have been teaching mindfulness to children for a while. I did wonder how much new information I would obtain from doing another course.



I was pleasantly surprised by what I did learn from the 8 week online course. Not only did I learn more things about the teaching of mindfulness to children but I also learnt a lot about my own mindfulness practice.



The great thing about the course is that you can clearly see Elizabeth’s passion for mindfulness and children’s mental wellbeing. Additionally, you see the depth of Elizabeth’s experience and her knowledge.



Also, Elizabeth will go that extra mile for you through the mentor sessions and FB course page. She gave me extra support in my niche areas of mindfulness and trauma and mindfulness with teens, which was above and beyond the course content.



This course is really worth the investment and is delivered in an online friendly version, which keeps it interesting. A mixture of videos over 30 ones recorded by Elizabeth, a workbook and access to a 10 week mindfulness programme and many other useful materials. Including articles, activities, practical assignments, quizzes and meditations created by Elizabeth.



As a teacher trainer/ mentor I actually think that every primary and EYFS teacher should be doing this course as part of their basic teacher training – and hopefully one day that will be the case.



Imagine what that would mean in regards to the positive impact on children’s mental healthiness and the world. Now more than ever we should be prioritizing children’s mental wellness.