Mindfulness Teacher Certification Courses that are Internationally Accredited

Certification Courses:

An 8-Week Online Mindfulness Training Course that is Designed for Individuals Who Want to Become Private Practitioners in Addition to Nannies, Childcare Teachers and Assistants, School Teachers and Assistants, Mental Health Professionals, and Yoga Teachers.

12 months of training. Comes with two certificates. Accredited by the IMMA. As soon as 8 weeks after getting the Level 1 license, you can start making money: Mindfulness for Children Practitioner Training is an 8-week online course that can be taken by nannies, childcare teachers and assistants, school teachers and assistants, mental health professionals, yoga teachers, and people who want to work with children privately. No prerequisite. To get Level 2: Advanced Certificate as a Mindfulness Teacher, you need to keep training for another 10 months.

Step out of the mundane and embark on an additional 12 month journey. Expand your understanding through science, ancient knowledge and historical investigation to pull back the curtain of assumed reality to see that nothing is as it seems. Discover real magic to create your own reality to live out your wholesome desires. Allow chakra knowledge to unlock your latent kundalini power using yoga and somatic dance and movement. And put away your fear as you step out of your body to discover new realms of reality. 

Advanced Certificate as a Mindfulness Teacher (Level 2 ONLY)

This course is an additional 10 months of training that will provide you with all you need to teach mindfulness and various forms of meditation to adults from a variety of groups.(STUDENTS MUST HAVE COMPLETED OR BE ENROLLED IN LEVEL 1 TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE) 

As a Flow Form Practitioner, you can use BrainDance, Yoga, and Tai Chi Qigong to teach children ages 18 months to 6 years old mindfulness-based StoryTime lessons. You will also be able to teach kids ages 0 to 6 dance, yoga, and Tai Chi Qigong. This is a very tough training program where you will both learn about things and do them for real. This course can be done at your own pace, and it comes with free online live group training lessons to help you learn. 

Flow Form Practitioner Cert. (Level 2)

In this level, you will continue to study more about the fundamentals of Laban and Bartenieff, in addition to yoga and tai chi qigong, with the ultimate objective of being able to develop your own dance and movement programs for children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 18. 

Flow Form Practitioner Cert. (Level 3)

After you have successfully completed Flow Form Levels 1 and 2, you are eligible to take this course. Working with adults is going to be the main focus of this class. 

Non-teacher's Course:

Our mindfulness training for adults is a wonderful way to grow and thrive as a person. This course is self-paced. If you study 2 to 3 hours per week, you will finish the course in 8 weeks. You will add focused loving to your life in addition to the time you spend studying. 

Normally RRP: $147.00 (Australian Dollars)

OUR SPECIAL PRICE TO YOU:  $37.00 AUD (Save $110)