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Meditation and the Power of Metatron’s Cube.

Mediating with Metatrons cube mindfulness teacher training

In this article we will explore meditation and the Power of Metatron’s Cube.

metatron's cube

Exploring the mystical and spiritual significance of Metatrons Cube

Metatron’s cube is an ancient symbol composed of 13 circles connected by lines that form geometrical shapes. It is the sacred geometry believed to represent the entire universe. It has been studied in various religious and philosophical contexts for centuries. The 13 circles have been said to represent the 13 planes of existence.

The figure can be seen as a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional structure that holds within it the “Fruit of Life.” These are the 13 circles that appear as 3 intersecting lines as shown below.

metatron's cube

Metatron’s cube also contains within it the Platonic Solids. These are are thought to be the building blocks of creation. Additional Metatron’s cube contains the platonic solids: The tetrahedron; octahedron; cube; icosahedron; and dodecahedron.

platonic solids examples

Metatron’s cube is linked to Kabbalah. A form of Jewish mysticism that focused on understanding God and the universe and its ultimate unity, or future one world order. According to some interpretations, Metatron was an archangel who was charged with maintaining harmony in the universe. Metatron is briefly mentioned a few times in the Jewish Tulmad. He has also been identified as the Prince (or Angel) of presence. His cube represents something that connects the physical world with divine energy, order and oneness.

The figure also plays an important role in sacred geometry. And may have been used by many ancient cultures to construct their temples and other sacred places. By studying this pattern, one may gain insight into how all things in this world are interconnected. And how they form part of a greater mathematical order. In addition, many believe that Metatron’s cube can be used as a tool for meditation, or spiritual alchemy.

Promoting mindfulness…

Using the cube within meditation helps maintain present moment awareness. This is due to the constant moment to moment movement the meditator witnesses while gazing at the cube. Additionally, meditating with the cube brings a peaceful stillness and/or an ability to experience an inner self-reflection. With dedication, meditating with the cube can bring a sense of being, belonging and becoming – to the meditator. This is because the cube allows one to understand their own unquietness and place within this cosmic structure.

Discover how to activate the cube and its power through meditation

Meditating with Metatron’s cube is an ancient practice believed to bring harmony and balance back into the universe. As the meditator connects with the cube their own frequencies begin to resonate with more harmonic and peaceful tones. These peaceful frequencies then transfer into the atmosphere (and collective consciousness) which in turn brings more harmony to the universe.

To meditate with Metatron’s cube, one does not need to understand its symbolic meaning and how it can be used to connect with divine energy. The practice will reveal these truths to the practitioner. In this form of spiritual alchemy simply the act of ‘doing’ – brings the process of transformation.

First Step…

The first step is to get into a comfortable sitting posture in which you can focus on your breathing and relax your mind and body. Gently hold yourself erect and slightly dip your chin so you can feel the back of you neck and a sense of alignment. This will help energy to flow. You should gentle lower your eye lids while keeping your eyes open. Hold the image of Metatron’s cube in front of you begin looking for the fruit of life (the 13 circles, or the 3 lines of circles). From this point you will quickly become mesermised with the cube. From this point you will simply allow the experience to open itself to you.

As you meditate…

As you meditate, you will become aware of all the movement, shapes, patterns and symbols within the cube and their interconnectedness with each other. You may like to prayer for insight, or knowledge and understanding as a way of gaining deeper access into the secrets of Metatron’s cube. It may be helpful to chant mantras or use positive affirmations to help you feel connected with this divine energy.

As you deepen into your meditation practice, try focusing on any particular circle within the cube, allowing yourself to go deeper into its spiritual significance. Allow yourself to take in all that this symbol embodies: order, balance, unity, harmony, infinity, etc. With each breath, notice any thoughts or feelings as they arise and allow them pass away without judgment or attachment. When it feels right for you, gradually return back to awareness of your body and surroundings before slowly opening your eyes.

Choose to regularly meditating with Metatron’s cube so you can learn more about its power as well as access a greater understanding of the universe. Through this practice individuals can also begin to feel empowered through their connection with divine energy. Additionally, meditating with the cube may help you gain insight into your own place in this cosmic pattern.

Tips on creating a sacred space for meditation with Metatron’s cube

Benefits of meditating with the cube include enhanced intuition, mental clarity, clarity of thoughts and inner peace. You will also experience a profound sense of understanding and connection to the oneness. 

When preparing to meditate with Metatron’s cube it very beneficial if you can create a sacred space. A space in which you can deeply connect with the divine energy and power of the cube. One way to do this is by selecting a quiet room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. You may also choose to decorate the space with items that represent the qualities associated with Metatron’s cube. You might include items such as harmonious shapes and symbols or the platonic solids.

Bring more energy to the space…

In addition, the use of certain sounds or other sensory elements can help create a sense of peace and tranquility. Consider playing music that helps to set the tone for your meditation practice. Work with the Solfeggio Frequencies. Additionally, light an incense stick, or candle with a scent that helps you feel relaxed and centred.

It can also be helpful to bring crystals into your meditation space that are closely related to Metatron’s cube such as quartz for focus and balance, or amethyst which is known for its healing properties.

Finally, it is important to remember that it takes time and patience when setting up a sacred space for meditation with Metatron’s cube. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t seeing results immediately. The practice of spiritual alchemy is about the journey not the destination. With each session you will likely find yourself further connecting with its energy and power. Through dedication, over time your practice will being consistently meaningful. 

What to expect when meditating with Metatron’s cube – physical sensations and emotional shifts

When meditating with Metatron’s cube, it is possible for you to feel a variety of physical sensations and emotional shifts. As you begin to connect with the divine energy of the Cube, some may feel a tingling sensation along their spine or a peaceful warmth radiating in their chest. If you are experienced with kundalini rising you will find that this practice is the perfect way to active that latent energy. If you are a novice you may experience a serge of electric energy trying to make its way up your body. This feels like you body wants to move on its own. Simply let go to the progress of letting your body moves as it will. This energy has a self-healing nature and is good for you to experience.

Along with the serge of physical energy within the body, some experience a heightened sense of intuition. This is an inner knowing that allows them to access deeper levels of understanding.

Emotional shifts…

The powerful symbols within Metatron’s cube can also elicit profound emotional shifts as you connect with its spiritual significance. Many report feeling an increased sense of peace, joy, and even love as they meditate with the Cube. It is also possible to unlock buried memories from the past, or past lives, or gain insight into various aspects of one’s life.

In addition to these physical and emotional effects, meditating with Metatron’s cube may also lead to higher states of consciousness through which one can access greater levels of awareness and understanding about the universe. Each individual will experience a unquiet journey that is relative to their own path.

Some believe that this is how humanity will eventually reach enlightenment – simply by taking the time to continuously connect with the sacred energy contained within Metatron’s Cube. One reason for this is because when we connect with the cube we connect with a profound sense of oneness. And it is this feel that the majority of humanity must connect. Once this happens we will create a shift towards harmony, or peace of earth.

How to incorporate the energy of the cube into everyday life

Try to visualise the cube within your minds eye and hold the imagine with them like an inner spiritual anchor. You may even like to print an image of the cube and use it for a session in mindful colouring. And place a print out of Metatron’s cube within your line of sight – within one of your living areas. Some people like to purchase wall prints and jewellery as a constant reminder to connect with the sacred cube and the feelings of peace and unity.

You more you think about Metatron’s cube the more you will ncorporate it’s energy of into your everyday life – which can bring a sense of balance and harmony to all aspects of living.

Another way you can incorporate Metatron’s cube into daily life is to use its metaphysical properties in various decision making moments. For example, if you are facing an important decision or trying to solve a problem, you can incorporate Metatron’s cube during your contemplation. All you need to do is simply look at it while you are contemplating. This will help create a powerful connection between yourself and divine energy that facilitates clarity and understanding.

Remember to connect with this energy through out your day..

Finally, it can be helpful to consciously connect with the energy of Metatron’s cube throughout your day-to-day activities. As you go about your tasks, take a few moments to visualise the 13 circles of Metatron’s Cube in your mind’s eye. Focus on the feelings associated with its symbolism – order, balance, unity, harmony, infinite love – allowing them to guide your actions and decisions.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Metatron’s cube and the spiritual guidance the cube holds for all who seek to work with it through meditation. If you would like to learn more about the power of mindfulness and mediation please enrol in one of our online mindfulness training courses. Our mindfulness courses all include practical exercises with Metatron’s cube. Moreover, you will learn our sacred geometry is used and can be used within your life. 

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