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5 Amazing Ways Flow Form Can Change Your Life!

This article discusses 5 amazing benefits of Flow Form.

This article discusses 5 amazing benefits of Flow Form.

Flow Form is a unique blend of three disciplines (yoga, tai chi and somatic dance and movement) that provides an energetic and transformative experience. If you enjoy the benefits of yoga, tai chi and somatic dance but have a hard time fitting all of those classes into your busy schedule Flow Form is the answer! It’s a new way to get all of those benefits in one workout!

Flow Form is an extension of the KOTUS Method.

It has been designed to allow you to fully embrace your experience through not only mindfulness and meditation but also through movement. It is an opportunity to embrace mind, body and spirit in a holistic and unquiet way.

So what are the benefits of Flow Form? Here’s just some of them. First, it’s a great way to reduce stress and tension. The slow, deliberate movements help to release muscular tension and improve flexibility. While the free flowing optional faster pace of somatic dance and movement helps improve coordination. Additionally, the focus on breath work helps to calm the mind and nervous system.

Second, Flow Form is an excellent way to build strength and stamina. The flowing movements require you to use your entire body, which builds muscle endurance and strengthens stabilising muscles around your joints.

Third, Flow Form is a great way to improve balance and coordination. The constant movement challenges your proprioceptive system, which helps you develop better balance and coordination.

Fourth, Flow Form allows you to find your internal compass points and shows you how to find inner alignment for moving forward in your life. That is, through guided exercises you will how to not only connect with your thoughts, emotions and intuition, but also learn how to align them.

And finally, Flow Form has the capacity to change your life through what’s know as bottom up processing. That is, as we teach the body new ways to move and experience, an unconscious entrainment process is also taking place where the mind also learns to find new ways to move through and experience life. Moreover, once you have mastered the KOTUS Method compass points you will feel a sense of empowerment through feeling more certain about the choices you makes and therefore how to move forward with your life.

What are the internal compass points?

The internal compass points are within us all. They are part of our body and are a vehicle for understand how to move through life in the right direction.

When we can align our internal compass points, ‘thought, emotion and intuition’ (intuition is also known as gut feelings) we are no longer unsure if we have made the right decision in life.

Often we may think something and want to act on it, even if our heart is telling us no, or we have a bad gut feeling about it. Moreover, so many people live life not even understanding this inner conflict, or even where it’s coming from.

Flow Form is an unquiet discipline that also combines mindfulness in combination with movement to help you explore your inner world.

As you learn to connect with this inner world through each session you will also begin learning how to truly connect with your inner experience in a way that will help you achieve your goals and accomplish your wholesome desires.

Flow Form recognises that we all have wholesome desires and these desires are something we can and should reach for and gasp within our lifetime. However, because so many people are unable to make the right choices toward accomplishing their dreams – they live life never accomplishing them … and learn to accept this way of being – as normal!

Flow Form gives you the keys to change that perspective, through learning how to make the right choices, which are often based on your wholesome desires. Through regular practice you will grow strength and determination and a strong sense of certainty towards acting on your decisions to live the life you were meant to live – and love!

Imagine being able to live life without so much confusion! Or, without the constant ‘what if’s’ that can plague us once we do make a choice.

So if you’re looking for a workout that combines the best of yoga, tai chi and somatic dance and movement aimed at truly developing you in a holistic way – Flow Form may be just what you are looking for.

If you would like to experience Flow Form you can sign up for either group of personal workshops. Or, better still – become a Flow Form Instructor yourself!

Register for Level 1 to begin your journey – here

Our Level 1 course must be completed before you can register for level 2 & 3. Flow Form Level 1 is the foundational learning for the level 2 & 3 courses. Level 1 also includes StoryTime and role playing and is designed for preschool aged children. Additionally, you can also run mums and bubs classes as a Level 1 Instructor. Click here to read more about becoming a Level 1 Flow Form Instructor.

Flow Form

Register for this new and creative modality for maintaining and improving well-being through therapeutic movement.

This is a wonderful opportunity to gain accreditation for teaching different modalities to children, while also enhancing your own mental and physical well-being.

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