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Interview with Elizabeth Mulhane and Yasco Newton: Mindfulness Works!



mindfulness works

In this interview Yasco Newton speaks with Elizabeth Mulhane on how practicing mindfulness works and enhances quality of life.

Yasco Newton is one of our accredited Mindfulness For Children Practitioner and the founder of Zempower Yoga & Mindfulness ( Facebook page : Zempower Yoga & Mindfulness).

You might like to visit Yasco’s website https://www.facebook.com/zempoweryoga or contact her via email yasco@zempower.com.au

Yasco runs kids and teen Yoga classes in Manly. She also visits childcare centres and preschools within Northern Beaches to offer her services.

Here’s the interview questions:

Questions: Can you tell us a little about your journey, or the story behind why mindfulness became a way of life for you? Question

2: How has mindfulness impacted you as a person?

Question 3: How has mindfulness impacted your family relationships?

Question 4: What ways have you been teaching mindfulness to your children?

Question 5: Can you tell us what it is exactly you do and how mindfulness has impacted you in the workplace?

Followed by closing comments.

If you would like to learn mindfulness please visit kotusrising.com and find the course that suits you. We have teachers available for sharing mindfulness with children, and online courses available for adults or parents. We also offer certified teacher training in mindfulness, meditation and movement.

Elizabeth Mulhane is also the founder of Mindfulness For Children and Flow Form.

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Start learning mindfulness today and see how it can change your world for the better, We have courses for adults and also offer Accredited Teacher Training. Our accreditation courses are certified through IMMA (The International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance) and you can find us on their website under accredited school. Just look for The KOTUS Method and Elizabeth Mulhane

10 reasons to become a mindfulness teacher

1) Make a difference in people’s lives: As a mindfulness teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to help others learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

2) Enhance your own well-being: Mindfulness has been shown to improve mental and physical health, and as a teacher, you’ll be able to model these benefits for your students.

3) Develop new skills: Teaching mindfulness requires continuous learning, so you’ll develop new skills and knowledge as you grow in your role.

4) Connect with others: In teaching mindfulness, you’ll create meaningful connections with your students as they share their experiences with you.

5) Be part of a supportive community: There is a growing community of mindfulness teachers and practitioners worldwide, so you’ll never feel alone in your journey.

6) Help create positive social change: As mindfulness becomes more mainstream, you’ll have the chance to help shape the future of this movement by sharing your own unique perspective.

7) Earn a living doing something you love: Mindfulness teaching can be a rewarding career choice, both financially and emotionally.

8) Be your own boss: If you enjoy working independently, mindfulness teaching offers the perfect opportunity to be your own boss and set your own schedule.

9) Make a global impact: With the rise of online learning, you can reach students from all over the world and help them learn mindfulness regardless of where they live.

10) Join a growing field: Mindfulness is still a relatively new field, so there’s plenty of room for growth and development. As a mindfulness teacher, you’ll be at the forefront of this exciting movement.

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

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Elizabeth Mulhane

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