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Dive into the Healing World of Singing Bowls

Sound healing with singing bowls. Elizabeth Mulhane

Dive into the Healing World of Singing Bowls.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries in Tibetan spiritual rituals and meditation practices. These instruments produce a unique sound that creates a calming sensation effect, which makes them perfect for mindfulness practices, yoga, and reiki. Singing bowls now come in many forms, including crystal bowls. In this blog, we will explore a brief history of these amazing bowls, and discuss the benefits of sound for improving wellbeing. We we also look at why mindfulness and meditation teachers should incorporate these powerful tools into their practice.

History of Singing Bowls

Singing bowls originated in the Himalayan region over 2000 years ago. It is believed that Buddhist monk Padmasambhava created the first Tibetan singing bowl as a means to produce unique sounds that aided in meditation and spiritual practices. These bowls were created by hand using seven metals, which include gold, silver, tin, iron, copper, mercury, and lead. During this time, the bowls were exclusively used by Buddhist monks, but as time passed, the bowls began to be wielded by shamans and other spiritual healers for their sound healing properties.

Crystal Singing Bowls

While Tibetan bowls were traditionally made using metals, modern versions now incorporate crystal singing bowls. These bowls produce a distinct and highly complex sound using vibrations created from rubbing the rim or tapping the bowl. Just as with the traditional Tibetan metal bowls the frequencies produced help create an energising and uplifting atmosphere, making them perfect for spiritual practices such as yoga and mindfulness.

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Benefits of Sound for Improving Wellbeing

Sound has profound healing benefits, including improved physical and mental health, mood regulation, and better sleep quality. With knowledge and conscious living we can use sound to improve many areas of our lives from studying to entertaining. Using the right sound for each occasion is certainly worth the effort.

When it comes to singing bowls the sound produced is ‘vibrational’. This means you can literally feel the sound within your body. By listening to the vibrations produced by bowls, the body can tap into its natural healing power. This is because of the particular sound ‘frequencies’ that are created. These vibrational frequencies help stimulate the brain, which creates a sense of calm and tranquility.

For individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, incorporating singing bowls into their life can help manage symptoms while promoting overall wellbeing. Listening to the bowls during a meditation allows the mind to settle as it entrains with the music. Additionally, when thoughts do arise they tend to be more pleasant in nature due to the resting peaceful mind ‘state’.

Research has demonstrated that certain sounds can increase the bodies ability to heal. When listening to the vibrational frequencies of the bowls our bodies may react on a cellular level – inducing cellular healing through an entrainment process. That is, the cell responds to the frequencies being transmitted and then aligns (or re-formulates) through entrainment. Through this process the cells health improves. We might think of the process as a sound based cellular detox.

Why Mindfulness and Meditation Teachers Should Use Singing Bowls

Mindfulness and meditation teachers should incorporate these bowls into their practice as they offer an additional dimension to the experience. As practitioners find themselves struggling to unwind and let go of negative though patterns, the sound produced by the bowls helps to bring balance to the mind, increasing focus and mental clarity. By incorporating this in meditation or yoga practices, mindfulness trainers can provide a practitioner with an enhanced experience that can only encourage a more sustainable mindfulness lifestyle.

Gently tapping a bowls rims is also a peaceful and calming way to begin and end a meditation. Moreover, singing bowls are also the perfect sound instrument for being able to provide your clients with a sound bath experience. And finally, using the singing bowls in your own private life for you own meditative practices is a wonderful way to maintain your own teaching skills.


Singing bowls offer a unique way for individuals to tap into their natural healing power, improving physical and mental wellbeing. As the mindfulness and meditation industry continues to grow and expand, the bowls offer a powerful tool that should be utilised to unleash their full potential. By incorporating singing bowls into spiritual practices, mindfulness teachers can help their students achieve a deeper level of relaxation and well-being. Take the plunge today and incorporate singing bowls into your life; you won’t regret it.

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