Teaching Mindfulness In School (ages 5 to 12 years) ($397.00 AUD)

Teaching mindfulness in school (ages 5 to 12 years). 8 Week Online Mindfulness Training for teaching mindfulness in school. An ideal course for Infants and Primary School Teachers and assistants. No prerequisite. $297 Australian currency. This course includes a downloadable workbook; quizzes and a private community. Additionally, you will also need to submit 6 assignments. While the assignments are not difficult, they are designed to ensure you feel confident within your own personal practice; and also capable of teaching mindfulness in childcare. As a bonus, this course will also show you how to integrate mindfulness and meditation into the Australian After School Care Framework: My Time, Our Place. Moreover, you will learn how to integrate mindfulness to enhance your lesson plans – based on school curriculums.


Ensuring confidence for teaching mindfulness in school – the course includes a bonus 10 week Oneness program. The program shows you how mindfulness and meditation can be introduced to children through enjoyable educational programs. This program includes weekly lesson plans that correspond to school subjects (math; science; art; physical education; and english).

This course is for school teachers and assistants Teaching mindfulness in school (ages 5 to 12 years) within their places of employment. If you are intending to gain certification for self-employment as a mindfulness for children teacher you will need to enrol in our other course Mindfulness For Children (Level 1)

Course Instructor

Elizabeth Mulhane Elizabeth Mulhane Author

Over 35 yrs. exp with mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement. A certified Somatics and Dance Movement Psychotherapist; B.Psych Sci (Hons), Sec Class, Div A. Thesis: improving wellbeing with mindfulness & sound; Certified Yoga teacher; Registered Tai Chi Qigong Instructor; Additional Certificates in Kids yoga; Preschool dance teacher; Brain Games Instructor; Teaching with music; Fine Art. PG Cert mindfulness.

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Note: This course is for teaching mindfulness in childcare.

I have designed this course for teaching mindfulness in childcare. As such, I have included a bonus programs that you can deliver within your place of employment (not for profit). If you are intending to gain certification as a Mindfulness For Children Practitioner to operate your own business you will need to complete the course: Mindfulness For Children (Level 1)