Program Building Specialist (add on, or included with Level 2 teacher training).

This course has received international accreditation as a certified course through IMMA, the International Mindfulness And Meditation Alliance. This is a 6 week course, or you can take longer if you need to. You will be expected to put a lot of effort into this course. YOU are building an 8 or 10 week program. Elizabeth will be teaching you how, and advising you along the way. However, this is your build and you will be working hard to create this for yourself. This course includes a private tutoring session, via zoom. Additionally, Elizabeth will in communication with you via written correspondence. Our Level 1 Mindfulness For Children Practitioner Certification, and the Lesson Building Specialist course must be awarded before you can participate in this course.

Please note: This course is not a requisite for the Level 2 Certification as a Mindfulness Teacher (qualified to teach adults). If you are planning to complete the Level 2 Certification to earn your qualification as a Mindfulness Teacher for adults, you may chose to simply sign up for that course, since it includes a similar version of this course (just not quite as hands on by Elizabeth). However, you will not receive the certification that this particular course offers since it is a more intensive and personalised training experience.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Elizabeth Mulhane Elizabeth Mulhane Author

Over 35 yrs. exp with mindfulness, meditation and various forms of movement. A certified Somatics and Dance Movement Psychotherapist; B.Psych Sci (Hons), Sec Class, Div A. Thesis: improving wellbeing with mindfulness & sound; Certified Yoga teacher; Registered Tai Chi Qigong Instructor; Additional Certificates in Kids yoga; Preschool dance teacher; Brain Games Instructor; Teaching with music; Fine Art. PG Cert mindfulness.

Program Building Specialist – One Time Payment


Program Building Specialist – Payment Plan

per week for 6 total payments